Comfortable Treatments In Wilton Manors with Anxiety Free Dentistry

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Dental anxiety can be developed due to several factors including experience, dental devices, or word of mouth from family and friends. The fear they experience prevents them from going to the dentist to undergo necessary dental procedures. Here at Wilton Manors Dental, we help our patients, especially those with anxiety, to feel comfortable and relaxed during dental treatments with our Anxiety Free Dentistry services.

Dental Anxiety

What is Anxiety Free Dentistry?

Anxiety Free Dentistry or also known as Sedation dentistry focuses on helping patients with special needs like dental anxiety. It is for them to receive the necessary dental treatments they need. It involves the use of medications to induce a feeling of calmness and relaxation to the patients. Sometimes it can also be referred to as sleep dentistry, but patients under the effects of sedation are conscious and aware of their surroundings.


Causes of Dental Anxiety

  • Fear of pain. At the sight of dental apparatus, or by the dentist, some patients immediately imagine fear and pain inflicted on them. With this patients would prefer to tolerate the discomfort they feel instead of getting treatments.
  • Negative experiences. It may be by the patient themselves or from someone they know. Stories heard from other people can affect a patient’s way of thinking making them develop anxiousness.
  • Embarrassment. There are patient’s who would not want to face a dentist due to the condition of their mouths. With problems that stem from poor hygiene and care, patients tend to avoid dentists for them not to receive any lectures that may embarrass them.

Patients can come up with multiple reasons to avoid scheduling a dental appointment. What they should understand is by not getting the needed dental attention, they are the ones who cause their problems. Dentistry has developed solutions that can be used for anxious patients to receive dental treatments. It is made to cater to and improve everyone’s overall dental health without exceptions.


Anxiety Free Dentistry Options

  • Light Oral Conscious Sedation

Light Oral Conscious Sedation uses a sedative that is orally administered an hour before the procedure. Once it takes effect, the patients feel like they are just making a light nap. Multiple treatments can be performed under this type of sedation since the results last for few hours. Once the procedures are completed, the patients may have no memory of what occurred during it. Patients, after the procedure, are advised to stay longer or be accompanied home since the effects do not wear off quickly.

  • Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide or commonly known as Laughing gas is a type of sedative that is administered through a mask. The gas mixed with oxygen causes the patient to feel extremely relaxed throughout the whole procedure. Patients of all ages could benefit from this type since it is known to be safe. Unlike oral sedation, the effects of laughing gas wear off quickly so they can go home alone.


Looking for a safe and anxiety-free procedure? Book an appointment with us for Anxiety Free Dentistry in Wilton Manors.  Wilton Manors Dental have caring and dedicated staff to help you feel pleasant during dental treatments. Our dental office is located at 2517 NE 9th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305.