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It is normal for dental (even medical) patients to modify their answers during examinations. However, no matter how hard they try, dental professionals still know the truth. Do remember that covering things up regarding dental health would not do anything right. As a matter of fact, a simple condition may worsen if the truth is being modified intentionally. Curious about the most common lies that patients say and how dentists can tell? Read on.


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Most Common Lies Dental Patients Tell

I don’t smoke

Aside from leaving a distinct smell in the mouth that can be masked by eating mint candies, tobacco products also tend to stain the teeth over time. Dentists do not only advise patients to limit or quit smoking due to its effects like bad breath or yellow teeth. It is also of their best interest to lessen a person’s risk of developing overall health problems and oral cancer.

I don’t consume much soda

The acidic property of sodas can cause the teeth to wear over time. Although there are other reasons for tooth wear and tear, acid has a particular pattern which dentists know. Soda are both sugary and acidic; these two make the beverage a threat which can jeopardize the state of the teeth and overall health.

I floss regularly

Brushing can only get rid of the harmful particles on the surface of the enamel. Anything that lies deeper is harder to remove, and that is where flossing comes in handy. Since it is a fundamental practice, most patients tend to tell dentists that they never skip the routine to avoid being scolded. However, some signs can clearly tell a dentist otherwise. Gingivitis, the inflammation of the gums, occur if plaque, tartar, and other substances begin to form along the gum line. Unfortunately, this is not a very easy secret to keep from the dentist.

I don’t drink often

Alcohol, especially those with strong colors can contribute to the staining of the teeth. Besides this, it can also cause the mouth to become dry. Having this condition is not good since it can lead to bad breath, the formation of plaque, production of acids, and more. Saliva is essential for it keeps the teeth clean by washing away harmful particles and substances that cling on the teeth.

I got lost

Dentists know that most patients tend to be late or even skip visits after saying that they got lost because of their fear and anxiety. They will try to delay the treatment as much as possible in an attempt to calm their nerves. However, this will not help. It is best to talk to the dentist and ask for any options available like anesthetics or sedatives.

At Sunny Dental of Wilton Manors, we want our patients to understand that all our staffs are committed to providing only the best care. We want to encourage our patients to undergo regular Oral Exams and to speak with our dentists about their needs. Our team is sure to cater to any of their necessities to keep their overall oral health in check.


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