Smile Whitening in Wilton Manors, FL: How Is It Done?

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In a short amount of time, anyone can attain a white smile with professional teeth whitening. The procedure is performed by the dentist and is very popular for a majority of people in America nowadays. Many who are dissatisfied with OTC kits find professional teeth whitening heaven-sent.

Here at Wilton Manors Dental, we are very passionate about giving our dear patients with the smile that they always wished to have. Since a white smile can affect the well-being of a person, we make it our top priority to deliver only the best Smile Whitening treatment possible. To whiten the patients’ teeth, we rely much on the potential of KoR and Zoom! whitening system. Despite the differences in the methods used for these two, both offer the same whitening effects. For those who want to achieve a dazzling, bright smile under the comfort of their own home, Wilton Manors Dental also have take-home smile whitening.


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Professional Teeth Whitening: The Application Process

Although the procedure associated with professional teeth whitening is less complicated, it requires the skillful hands of the dental professional to prevent gingival complications. You can be confident that our dentist at Wilton Manors Dental is trained enough in this particular field. If you are planning to undergo the treatment, here are the standard steps to expect:

  • The procedure will start with the dentist examining the person’s current teeth shade.
    After the assessment, plaques and other particles are eliminated in the teeth using a grainy material called pumice.
  • Next, for the teeth to dry, the mouth will be isolated using a gauze. In some cases, the dentist might utilize a retractor to secure the patient’s cheeks, lips, and tongue.
  • Protecting the gums against the whitening solution is necessary. To do so, a barrier will be affixed along the gumline.
  • Once everything is ready, the teeth will then be varnished with the whitening gel. Both KoR and Zoom! uses hydrogen peroxide as their main bleaching ingredient.
  • As for Zoom!, a special light is used to activate the bleaching solution. Depending on the whitening brand, the gel is sometimes left on the teeth for 30 to 60 minutes. In some cases, an occasional reapplication of the whitening solution is also needed.
  • After the desired shade is met, the dentist will then rinse the teeth. Teeth sensitivity is a normal side effect of the treatment, to ease it, fluoride is applied.

For take-home whitening treatment, our practice allows patients to whiten their teeth conveniently in their home by providing them with custom-made trays that require to be worn for 30-60 minutes each day.


For further instructions and information regarding Smile Whitening in Manors, FL, you may book an appointment with us at Wilton Manors Dental. We are located at 2517 NE 9th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33305.