Dental Cleanings

Prophylactic Dental Cleanings

Patients have their preventive cleanings performed by one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. By removing plaque and calculus on a routine basis, we can help patients avoid the development of periodontal disease – the condition that causes more people in America to lose teeth than any other type of dental disease. Regular cleanings allow our hygienists to make patients aware of any symptoms of periodontal disease that are developing, as well as assess the bone levels around the teeth. Putting cleanings off until chronic bleeding and tartar buildup is visible typically means gum disease has already developed.

We recommend preventive cleanings every 6 months for most healthy patients. This is about the time that it takes for mild to moderate levels of new tartar deposits to develop. With routine care, preventive cleanings are part of a successful way to reverse and eliminate gingivitis. During the cleaning, additional preventive procedures may be used as well, such as diagnostic x-rays, sealants, or fluoride applications.

Ultrasonic instrumentation for optimal bacteria removal.

Cleanings at Wilton Manors Dental involve the use of high-frequency ultrasonic instruments that interfere with loose and calcified bacteria on the teeth. The instruments use a smooth, thin tip that is cooled by water for patient comfort and improved flushing of bacteria.

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