Crowns and Bridges

Restoring function to your smile.

When teeth break down or decay past the point where fillings are able for restorative purposes, dental crowns or bridges are used. These permanent prosthesis last years, and return normal function to your smile. At Wilton Manors Dental, we use porcelain materials for our crown and bridge treatments. Porcelain makes these treatments more aesthetic in addition to being healthy. Each restoration is color-matched to your natural smile, enabling it to blend in with your other teeth.


Porcelain crowns are placed over teeth that have been compromised by decay, fractures, old large fillings, or treated endodontically. Existing damage is removed, and the tooth is then shaped and prepared for the application of a crown. The permanent crown is fabricated at one of our dental laboratories, and then is cemented into place onto the prepared tooth. Teeth that have been repaired by a crown are able to function to the same extent as a real tooth.


Replacing one or two teeth has never been easier by using dental bridges. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth that have healthy teeth adjacent to the open space. They are similar to crowns, with 3 or 4 crowns fused together, but only the end crowns being functional. A healthy tooth supports each end, and the pontic crowns are suspended between them and thereby replace any missing teeth.

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